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Air Conditioning Installation

TAB electrical likes to keep your exterior installations neat and professionally fitted. Whether it’s on a concrete slab, in a garden or on a wall, we can always find the optimal position for your new air conditioning elements.

We always consider the following outdoor elements when we fit a new system:
Noise ( where it is quietest)
Access (We don’t want to block any existing access points)
Efficiency (Where will the unit run most efficiently)
Outlook (You don’t want them to be an eyesore)

Stay cool

Townsville and Beyond Electrical are experts with design and installation of all Split air conditioning. With over ten years of installation experience, we supply, install and service your systems to ensure you get the best efficiency and operation of your air-conditioners.

We recommend the use of Mitsubishi Heavy Industry Split air conditioners for quality and efficiency and, Hitachi inverter air conditioners for a cost saving budget alternative.

Both Brands come with a 5-year warranty.

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